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SSUK, with over ten years of experience in the education field has grown steadily and organically, reaping the rewards of building slowly but surely and always sticking to our founding principles of great service and great quality work in everything we do.

SSUK is delighted to have been awarded, on a shared basis, a place on the suppliers’ list for the Scotland Excel framework for Presentation and Audio Visual Equipment, Schedule No: 35/10. This period runs from 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2014. Our inclusion on this list is testament to the professionalism of the support staff, hard work of the sales people, skill of the installers and the company-wide ethos of providing value for money equipment and service. It seems all of the prior lead us to be the perfect match for public sector organisations looking for a partner company to help deliver the best value for money.

SSUK work closely with educational establishments and SSUK understand that the challenge of increasing student satisfaction and attainment in a period of budget downsizing is difficult and that is we think we are ideally placed to help you achieve your goals. When dealing with SSUK you can take comfort in the fact that our mutually beneficial relationships with the main suppliers equates to cheaper procurement prices for you and the knowledge of our staff will ensure you end up with solutions that will be beneficial to the pupils’ attainment.

Outside the educational sphere SSUK know that organisations are looking for easy-to-use solutions which incorporate high-end products to ensure maximum efficiency and increase collaboration and teamwork. The expert knowledge of our sales staff ensures products that exactly fit your needs are identified and the skill and efficiency of our engineers means products are fitted and operational in as short a time as possible minimising labour costs and maximising end-user operation time.

Recently our corporate packages such as our video conferencing suite and CTOUCH interactive display have proved very popular with these products being being ideally suited to facilitating multi-location meetings and in-house presentations.

We believe there truly is a product for every need and at SSUK we can help you get what you want at a price you can afford. Please do get in touch and see if we can help.